Turn-Key Water Resource Projects for Public Water Systems (PWS) and non-PWS

I can economically complete all phases of installing a new water source (well or surface source).  I will tailor fit a program to meet your needs be it for a PWS, industrial, agriculture, or private well. Services provided include put are not limited to:

  1. Hydrogeologic Evaluation to locate your well in optimum place for highest production and optimum water quality.  After locating the site, I will design the well to the local hydrogeology.  Having geologic experience in most western states, and being familiar with the challenges we face in the west with meeting water use I will use all resources available to ensure that your source will be a “long term” source not a short term producer.
  2. Preliminary Evaluation Report (PER) and Engineering Plans and Specifications Governing the Drilling of your new well.  The PER and Engineering Plans are required by the state of Utah prior to the drilling of your well.
  3. Preparing drilling ,well construction, development, and pump testing specifications and putting your well out to bid.
  4. Provide site management of project.  Depending on the location and type of drilling, a on site representative will be there to geologically log all of the cuttings and collect all hydrogeologic information during drilling.  Drilling is very expensive and you want to get the most out of the data as possible.
  5. Organize and conduct development and pump testing of well with a pump rig.  This also includes pump test analysis and reporting of all data to be used later in the Drinking Water Source Protection Plan.
  6. A Drinking Water Source Protection Plan (DWSP), will need to be completed prior to bringing the well into your PWS.
  7. Design of pumping system for well and other post drilling logistics.

Well and Water Right Due Diligence for real estate transactions.

Buying or selling a home that has a private well? I can conduct a Due Diligence on the well and water rights. Many homes that have private wells do not have water rights that are in good standing with the Utah State Division of water rights, I can tell you if you will have any problems with the right. I will also sample the well to ensure the water meets State and Federal drinking water standards and is safe for use in the home.

Water Right Evaluation

Want to know what water rights are associated with the land you are selling or buying? Coupled with a local team of water right specialists I can put together the full water right picture on your property. If additional water rights are needed or you have excess water rights I can put you in touch with a professional that will help you find a party to purchase or sell your water right.

Contaminated groundwater delineation and design of contaminant extraction system.

Having worked on all sizes of contaminated groundwater problems; from Kennecott Utah Coppers 25 square miles of contamination of low pH, high sulfate water, to coliform contamination in private wells. I can economically asses your groundwater issue and provide all services through remediation.

Exploration and Property Evaluation of precious and base metals, aggregate and industrial minerals.

Having worked in the mining field for many years I am very familiar with all aspects of mining from grass roots exploration to mine closure and all phases in between.